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In 2020, the world experienced what may go down in history as the greatest paradigm shift of our generation. When people found themselves either out of work, or not obliged to go into an office anymore, many hit the road to experience a new life; a life of location independence and working remotely. And for those lucky enough to have the ultimate flexibility and mobility; they took to the world, left their homes, took their laptops (and ergonomic laptop stands) and started working remotely abroad. And thus, a new age of the term digital nomad was born – the age of the Remote Working Traveler.

My husband, Sasha and I are lucky enough to be part of this movement; we tasted our first piece of this freedom back in 2017 when we left our corporate careers to travel abroad for half a year, during which Sasha started a real estate investing business. After the pandemic hit in 2019 and the world was flipped upside down, we realized that there was no need for us to stay in Seattle and suffer through another cold, dark, miserable winter. As soon as the U.S. opened up, we hit the road and explored more of our “backyard” in North America than we ever had before…all whilst working on the road. As conditions improved in early 2020, we had a crazy idea (which turned out not to be so crazy after all!), to temporarily move to Mexico, which was our first stint of living and working remotely abroad. We lived in Mexico for half a year, followed by Europe for half a year, moving our home base every few months and taking weekend trips to other parts of the country to explore and travel. This was it. This was the taste of true freedom, and we’ve been hooked ever since.

The photo on the left was taken in June of 2016 in the North Cascades, Washington.
The photo on the right was taken in June of 2021 in Porto, Portugal, five years apart on the same day.

The photo on the left is a very significant day that changed the course of the rest of our lives – a day I will never forget. We were hiking Ross Dam Lake in the gorgeous North Cascades in Washington state; at the time we had only been dating for a mere two months, but we already loved each other then, and easily pictured a future of forever together. This was the hike where Sasha turned to me and said, “what if we quit our jobs and traveled the world for six months on our savings?” I let his words linger, my type A planning brain already churning and dreaming. And then I thought, “well why stop at six months? How can we turn this into a lifetime whilst still earning money?”

Those words planted the seed that would eventually turn into the lifestyle we live today, expedited by owning a business, becoming a travel blogger, and experiencing a worldwide pandemic that now allows us to work remotely anywhere in the world. Within a span of five years, we quit our corporate jobs to travel abroad for half a year through South America and Europe, got engaged and then married in 2018 in Crete, Greece, lived in Hawaii, Seattle, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Montenegro and Croatia, and have visited over 15 countries together. You MUST dream to reach your goals. Have huge goals; allow yourself to manifest your wildest stretch goals and “moon shots”, because they can and will happen if you make them happen. Don’t let people make you feel like your goals aren’t attainable, because they are. But it all starts with the vision, followed by (as Tony Robbins puts it), massive imperfect action. First dream your life, but then go out and live that dream!!! 😍 🌏 🤗

This page is dedicated to my blog posts on what it’s like to live the digital nomad lifestyle. Here you’ll find tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way of being remote working travelers, like how to find fast internet, helpful packing lists to have a proper remote work setup, which laptop stands are most ergonomic, and how to build a community and make friends in a new place, just to name a few!

To get started, simply hover over the “Digital Nomad Lifestyle” tab and you can select the blog posts you’d like to read. Stay tuned, as I will be continuously adding new content as we experience living in new places around the world. You can also subscribe to receive an email each time a new blog post is published.

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