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How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Greece?

In our total of four weeks in Greece, we spent 12 days on Crete Island and the rest of our time driving through mainland Greece starting from Athens and doing a loop up North through Central Greece and ending in Southern Greece. If you’d like to check out my other blog posts on this country, visit my Greece Archives to read about everything ranging from Greek foods you must try, to beaches, hiking, and everything in between!

Here is what our itinerary looked like on Mainland Greece:

Mainland Greece Itinerary

Driving in Greece

Is driving in Greece dangerous? Our views of “dangerous driving” may very well be tainted after traversing windy mountainous terrain in the Andes in Ecuador with semi trucks and motorcyclists weaving in between us. Some folks have said that driving in Greece can be a nightmare because people go fast and cut you off, but we had no such experience. In fact, we were surprised that we visited during peak tourist season (July) and all the roads we drove, whether mountainous back roads or main highways, were nearly empty! Also, we found Greeks to be some of the most courteous drivers, turning on their hazards if there was a slowdown, and moving over to the shoulder to let faster cars pass. There is barely any honking, even if you take two whole seconds to realize that a light has turned green. One thing you should be aware of are the numerous tolls along all major highways. We hit a total of 21 tolls, costing a total of $72.00 USD.

Is Greece Affordable?

The short answer is, absolutely. The long answer is, it’s all relative. 😉 As a comparison, our monthly totals living in Seattle for two of us as a couple were around $6,000 USD (this includes everything; groceries, gas, eating out, etc.) In Greece in one month we spent under $4,500 and that was traveling quite comfortably.

What We Spent in 27 Days In Greece

Country’s currency: Euro
All expenditures are in U.S. dollars
The exchange rate at the time of travel was $1.14 USD to €1 euro.


  • We used points to fly from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Athens
  • This spending includes our time on Crete Island and Mainland Greece for a combined total of 27 days
  • We had free accommodation on Crete Island, so our accommodation section only reflects our time on mainland Greece
Category Description Total Spent in 27 Days Per Diem
Transportation (this includes $72.00 in tolls – we passed 21 tolls total during our trip on the mainland. There are no tolls on Crete Island.) We also rented a car on both Crete Island and Mainland Greece. $1,188 $44
Cell Phone $118 $4
Clothing, Accessories & Gifts $302 $11
Eating Out $1,431 $53
Groceries $129 $4
Entertainment & Leisure $201 $7
Accommodation $475 $17
Toiletries $17 $0.65
Airfare $459 $17
TOTALS $4,390 $162

If you are planning a trip to Greece, feel free to check out my other blog posts under “Greece” on the travel destinations tab.

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    HaiHui Story
    November 14, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Well done! 🙂 I love breaking down costs after a roadtrip! Greece is amazing, one of my fav. countries! 🙂

    • Reply
      November 14, 2017 at 4:19 pm

      Thank you! I think for our next travels, I will include the cost breakdown for each city we visited rather than the entire country, because it’s a bit more helpful for people. I love crunching numbers! 🙂 And Greece was also on of our top favorites, next to Italy. We will definitely be going back someday!

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